Ultraman Astra

The story

The younger brother of Ultraman Leo Astra came from the desert Nebula L77 of the Leo constellation. After the destruction of L77 by the Magma Seijin Leo, Astra, and Leo's pet monster Ron were the last survivors, but Leo thought he was the last of his kind. During a battle against Litre and Garon Astra revealed himself on Earth to help Leo. Ever since Astra has saved Leo against several different aliens over the months that were too powerful for Leo to defeat himself. At one point Babylou Seijin froze Astra in a special type of ice in space and took his identity as he stole the Ultra Key. After Ultraman King revealed Babylou for what he was Leo saved Astra from his icy imprisonment, defeated Babylou, gave back the Ultra Key, and the two brothers became the first Ultra Brothers that were born outside of Nebula M78. Astra continued to help Leo after helping him destroy the Saucer Monster, Hanglar and even in Ultraman Mebius's time. Even though Astra is the least active of the Ultra Brothers his help and determination always contributes in the end.

Ultraman Astra's Powers

Ultra Double Flasher:Together, Leo and Astra can shoot a devastating red lightning-like bolt from their jointed hands. Can destroy monsters in one shot.

Color Timer Flash:Astra can use his color timer to create a large, flash of white light that can blind foes for a short time.

Astra Kick:Performed just like Leo's version, Astra jumps 1000 meters into the air and puts all of his energy into his right foot, which glows red. It can destroy monsters in one hit.

Size Adjustment:Astra can change his size at will, ranging from microscopic sizes to 50 meters.

Combustion:Astra can cause monsters to explode by shrinking down and flying through their digestive track.

Ultraman Astra's Statistics

  • Height: 52 meters
  • Weight: 48,000 tons
  • Flight Speed: Mach 7
  • Running Speed: 600 km/h
  • Home Planet: Nebula L77/M78