Gregorl-jin (グレゴール人 - Guregōru Jin) is an alien that appeared in the episode: "Fight to The Death! Dyna vs. Dyna". He also appears in Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3, but only as Imitaion Ultraman Dyna.

Subtitle: Space Pro-Wrestler (宇宙格闘士 - Uchū kakutō-shi)

Ultraman DynaEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ring Creation: Gregorl-jin can create a pro-wrestling ring formed by four swords and ringed with high-voltage electricity.
  • Imitation Ultraman Dyna Transformation: Gregol-jin can transform into Imitation Ultraman Dyna at will; although only two forms are known: Miracle and Flash type. It is unknown if he can switch to Strong type or type change.
  • Black Hole Creation and Summoning: Gregol-jin can create miniature black hole portals that can be used for transportation and teleporting large objects such as UFO's and monsters.
  • Ultra Vision: Gregorl-Jin can see Ultra Hosts without watching them transform.
  • Gregorl-Jin was an alien from the Hercules M-16 Nebula who was part of a family of fighters. Known to teleport all around the known universe seeking powerful entities to defeat. Eventually, he wondered upon Earth; seeking to challenge Dyna (Note that he has once captured a Monsanger and has defeated him to show his abilities) as to prove his hearing of rumors of this powerful entity. Eventually, a deal settled between the two; using honor and fame as prizes, for a fight to the death. After the duel; he was defeated and returned to space.