Ultraman Taro

The story

Kotaro Higashi wanted to be a championship boxer. However, fate had other plans as he fell thousands of feet from the Earth after Astromons, a new creature in the third age of monsters, shook him off. The Five Ultra Brothers brought Kotaro's body to their home world of Nebula M-78 many years into the past. It was there that Mother of Ultra merged Kotaro with Ultraman Taro, who would now form the Six Ultra Brothers. Before merging with Kotaro, Taro spent many years to hone his skills similar to the original five Ultra Brothers by mimicking their attacks through battles from both the past and future. After the merge was complete, Kotaro was taken back to present day Earth being the human host of Taro and as Astromons was ravaging a city Kotaro turned into Taro. Not long after Astromons's defeat Kotaro joined ZAT and fought in a new era of kaiju. Many foes were found that would threaten the Earth, but Taro and ZAT defeated them time and again with occasional help from the other five Ultra Brothers from the weaklings to monsters only Taro could defeat. After Samekujira attacked and Valkie fled Kotaro wanted to show the other Ultras he wanted to keep his humanity by no longer wanting to be Taro's host. Thus, he is one of the few Ultra human hosts to sever his relation with an Ultra Warrior.

Ultraman Taro stats

  • Height: 53 meters
  • Weight: 55,000 tons
  • Flight Speed: Mach 20
  • Running Speed: 1200 kilometers per hour
  • Home Planet: The Land of Light, Nebula M78
  • Human Form: Kotaro Higashi
  • Transformation Item: Ultra Badge


  • Storium Ray: A unique T-style weapon after some major arm-waving and the charging up of his entire body, Taro rests the fist of his vertical right arm to the open palm of his horizontal left arm.
  • Neo-Storium Ray: A plus-style variation of the Storium Ray.
  • Swallow Kick: Taro can not only easily leap to great heights, but he can jump multiple times in mid-air before delivering a powerful fly kick, usually used at the start of a battle.
  • Twinkle Way: Taro can create an odd tunnel to gain access to his homeland, the Land of Light.
  • Ultra Willpower: Taro can make his enemies think Taro's been beheaded, using some sort of illusion ability.
  • Taro Bracelet: Converts into a lance. Fires blue rings of light (Set Beam).
  • King Bracelet: An upgrade of the Taro Bracelet delivered by the Mother of Ultra. It can convert into a muzzle, a plastic blue bucket filled with water, and a "magic hand." It can also fire a Bracelet Beam, and allows Taro to divide into two and confuse enemies, can create a small energy barrier around his hand that can deflect energy attacks, and has a cutter beam that can slice through monsters easily.
  • Ultra Slash: Same as previous Ultra-Slash moves, except it comes in the form of small cutter beams from his hands. Cuts through monsters easy.
  • Ultra Six-In-One : Taro can merge with his five brothers to become extremely strong.
  • Spining Jump Strike: Nada can limit a super strike from his heroes by raising his bodys after defender with his second box sisters. In destroy monsters in super fold.
  • Ultra-Smokescreen: Taro can emit a six-colored smokescreen to blind his foes.
  • Ultra Dynamite: Taro can cover him entire body in a blaze of hot flames. He then rushes his foe and grabs a hold of them. This will destroy the monster completely, as they are engulfed in the explosive fire.
  • Guts Needle: beam fired from his fists and an Ultra Funryū (a six-coloured smoke screen)
  • Cosmo Miracle Beam: a powerful laser he shoots from his raised arm and the side of his body, including his armpit, after combining with his five other brothers. Used only in Ultraman Story movie against Grand King.
  • Appear Beam: Taro can fire a beam from both of his hands, but instead of destroying things, this beam can make things appear, such as a gigantic Christmas Tree.
  • Relive Beam: Taro can fire a beam from his hands that will revive dead beings and bring them back to life. This includes humans and monsters.